Aquaplast PS™ Thermoplastic Tie Down Dressings

Protect full thickness skin grafts during the initial healing phase with Aquaplast PS™ Thermoplastic Tie-Down Dressings. These rigid, non-occlusive dressings may be contoured for exact fit and sutured in place. They provide uniform pressure over grafts, allow for drainage, and avoid graft displacement and undesirable ridges.

Aquaplast PS™ Tie-Down Dressings are available in a 6x9, 6x18 and 9x12 size sheets. Our standard thickness is 1/16" (1.6mm) but thicker material is also available.

Choose from Ivory, Blush, Bronze, Deep Bronze, Electric Blue and Hot Pink, or Rainbow Packs with an assortment of colors. Available in 1 sheet or 8 sheet packages.

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