Aquaplast PS™ Thermoplastic Accessories

Nasal Splint Kits contain all the materials needed for one nasal splint application. Available with one of six varieties of Aquaplast PS™ Nasal Splints.

Mastisol® Liquid Adhesive is a clear, non-irritating liquid surgical adhesive for applying Aquaplast PS™ Thermoplastic Nasal Splints. Mastisol forms a non water-soluble protective layer between the skin and tape. Latex free, non-staining, low in toxicity. Readily softened and removed using Detachol. Cannot be shipped via air.

Detachol® Adhesive Remover
A non-aerosol, non-explosive adhesive remover made from specially refined paraffin hydrocarbons. Produces no skin reaction when used as directed. Contains no chloroform, acetone, enzene or latex. Pleasant fragrance, non-stinging formula. Cannot be shipped via air.

Aquaplast PS™ Thermoplastic Heating Pan is a compact waterbath ideal for softening Aquaplast PS™ Thermoplastic Nasal Splints and Tie-Down dressings.

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